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The Dholiz are proud to introduce to you the FIRST SARDAR BEATBOXER in Malaysia – Mr Seyvaq Singh. This talented young lad blew us all away with his talent and has shown great improvement. We had a short interview with him, the jovial young lad had much to say ;)
“Sup, I’m Seyvaq Singh from KL, and I am the FIRST Sardar beatboxer in Malaysia. Generally it’s rather hard to find any Punjabi beatboxers in the first place, but, with the proper digging in the right locations, you’ll see that they are all around us. I intend to bring up the art of beatboxing within the Sikh community, be it in Malaysia alone, or worldwide, I want people do know that you can do whatever you want, while still staying true to yourself and your religion. It is a common belief these days that to be “cool”, there is a set standard that must be followed. I intend to prove that belief wrong.
I started beatboxing about two years ago. My inspiration was a video of a Singaporean beatboxer, Dharni, during the 2009 beatboxing world championships.
From there, I started learning from youtube and such, and, a few months after that, after a conversation with one of the more well known Malaysian beatboxers, Shawn Lee, I joined the facebook group of the Malaysian Beatboxers. From that group, I learnt a lot of new stuff and, in September 2012, I participated in my first ever beatbox competition, the Battle of the 5th Element.
I got horribly pwned, but, it’s all a learning experience.
My plans, in the future, are, naturally, to get much better than I currently am. I’ve been doing this for two years, and there are people that have started a year ago that are better than me. I intend to work hard and practice a lot, to get wayyyy better than I currently am. Unfortunately, there aren’t any shortcuts
Believe me. I’ve tried.
I do lost interest in it occasionally, though, but then I look up at my idols, so to speak, such as Reeps One, Alem, Dharni, etc, and I feel motivated to do more.
All in all, practice makes perfect, and I am far from it. So, that just means one thing.
More practice for me…”

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