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Dhol Sales / Repairs

Drumming Ceremonies

Weddings / Birthdays

Corporate Events

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Bhangra / Bollywood Dance

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Photography & Design

PA System Rental

Strings Instruments 


8 Responses

  1. D

    Good morning!

    Would like to know if you do dhol performance at a home engagement event. Looking at a max of 3 dhol performers. What’s your package/pricing like? Lemme know pls.. thank you…

  2. dholiz_admin

    Hi, yes we do dhol performance. 3 drummers for ushering & 2 stage show Rm900.
    U may call or whatsapp Master Suki 0162073027 for more info. Tq

  3. dholiz_admin

    Hi sorry for late reply, pls call / whatsapp me 0162073027. Tq

  4. dholiz_admin

    Pls provide ur number, I call you. Tq

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  6. Nushika

    Hi… May I know how much u charge for wedding reception performance.

  7. dholiz_admin

    Hi..my num 0162073027
    We can connect via Whatsapp !

  8. Sheena Sandya

    Hi would like to enquire for a reception walk in ceremonial only. Need about 3 drummers. How much would it cost?

    Event date : 19 January 2018
    Event venue : Kluang Johor
    Event type : Wedding dinner

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