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17 Responses

  1. D

    Good morning!

    Would like to know if you do dhol performance at a home engagement event. Looking at a max of 3 dhol performers. What’s your package/pricing like? Lemme know pls.. thank you…

  2. dholiz_admin

    Hi, yes we do dhol performance. 3 drummers for ushering & 2 stage show Rm900.
    U may call or whatsapp Master Suki 0162073027 for more info. Tq

  3. dholiz_admin

    Hi sorry for late reply, pls call / whatsapp me 0162073027. Tq

  4. dholiz_admin

    Pls provide ur number, I call you. Tq

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  6. Nushika

    Hi… May I know how much u charge for wedding reception performance.

  7. dholiz_admin

    Hi..my num 0162073027
    We can connect via Whatsapp !

  8. Sheena Sandya

    Hi would like to enquire for a reception walk in ceremonial only. Need about 3 drummers. How much would it cost?

    Event date : 19 January 2018
    Event venue : Kluang Johor
    Event type : Wedding dinner

  9. Rebecca

    I would like to ask about the price of Bhangra Dance Performance. Pls reply me as soon as possible. Thank you.

  10. Amam Chandra

    Just wondering how much you charge for DHL playing for about 10mins for a wedding?


    Our company are celebrating our 10th Anniversary and we are thinking of having a drumming ceremony. It is on the 8 Sept 2018 at 10.30am. How much do you charge?

  12. Jeremiah

    Good evening.
    I would like to know if you do dhol and dance performance at a wedding event. Looking at a max of 3 performers. What’s your package/pricing like? Thank you

  13. Naina

    Do U guys performance at wedding reception ?
    How many songs ?
    It’s a Bollywood theme

  14. dholiz_admin

    I have emailed you…!

  15. Kishen

    Dhol performance for weeding

  16. Muhaimin

    Dhol for qabul in johor bahru

  17. KS

    Looking to hire dhol performers for one of the ceremonies in KL. Please email me and we can exchange contact number to take it ahead.


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