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Before this, I just used to admire the sound of the dhol by sitting among the crowd and look at the dholis playing the dhol. I am happy to say that I am not sitting in the crowd anymore and I can enjoy the beat of the dhol anytime I want by playing my own. The picture will tell you more about it as a picture is worth a thousand words. Thank you for all the on-going coaching, classes, shows and sewa (sewa for gatka teams and Nishaan Sahib selaamis).



What’s inspired me in Play dhol?
Since a very young age I have being playing traditional music instruments such as Tabla and Dholki,has been my passion to play dhol since, I decided to turn my attention to the dhol.Learning with “The dHoliZ” is entertaining and fun. It’s a great way to let out stress! It’s an excellent challenge and there is a great level of motivation within the team. Rite now advancing deeper into the lesson even challenge’s me a lot.



I used to admire drummers, especially dhol players (which I still do, actually), and listening to the Bhangra and the sound of the dhol ALWAYS made my heart beat faster, my shoulders move up and down, and those two fingers of mine poke at the sky!I didn’t think that girls play the dhol until I saw one playing on-stage at the Vaisakhi Open House 2011 in Dataran Merdeka and I thought to myself, “Damn! That is so cool!” I then came across Suki’s booth where he told me that he teaches dhol to boys (and girls!) and that was how I started.
It was quite tough initially, with the hand co-ordinations and all, but practice makes perfect and with Suki and the team’s guidance, I am improving. To learn how to “vejauna” the dhol was just for my personal satisfaction, but Suki gave me the opportunity to perform and do “dhol sewa” (as the group calls it) and that, is completely another level of experience!My greatest thanks to Suki and The dHoliZ!

P/s: To all the kudiya out there, we can’t lose to the boys, can we? ;D



The sound of the dhol simply makes me high! The magic in the sound; every beat, just lifts me off my feet. What brought that magic to life today was a scene I saw at the Vaisakhi Open House 2011; a girl playing the Dhol, caught me by much impress and envy. It was my lucky day to learn, that her mentor was around and blessed was I to be able to take up Dhol classes under him. It was not as easy as I thought it would be, however I learnt and made my way through. I am ever grateful to Sukvinder as this is a dream come true and the beat of the Dhol like my own heartbeat will pull me through an endless journey of true joy.


before joining the dhol class i find it very difficult to learn dhol myself cause to go for classes was to expensive for me or if cheap means i must very far like cheras etc. after coming the dholiz class i can pick up the beats very fast and i can kill two birds with one stone. by Dholi Suki teachings i can indirectly learn how to play dholak where i dun need to go extra classes for that music instrumnets. i can tell confidently woth his teachings i will pick up how to play tabla. he is one of the best and he also gives me good advice besides about the dhol. He is my idol and i want to be a dholi like him.tq



I had “0” knowledge on DHOL 3 months back & now after joining the DHOL classes, I have learned and now I’m able to play it. Thanks to my sifu “SUKI”.



I always wanted to learn to play dhol to keep the Punjabi culture going but I was afraid I can’t do it, and since my parents bought the dhol for me and it was lying in my house for almost 2 years, I decided to learn it. After deciding I was in a search of a dhol instructor and group to guide me to play dhol and I found THE DHOLIZ. Of course, its in every human being to do a deep research before joining or doing something, therefore I was having a doubt whether is this group a right choice or not? is this group money minded? will they drag the syllabus? how long its going to take me to learn this instrument? Let’s see..


Whatever doubt i had before joining this group, proofed me wrong when I became one of them. I personally feels that I learnt more then I paid.I was amazed, just in a few months I could play dhol, it wasn’t as hard as I thought, with the help of my group, without realising, now i actually started to perform.Besides that, THE DHOLIZ is one of the most systematic group that I experienced because we have our own rules and regulations and we plan everything before making any move so that we wont have any misunderstanding in future. Basically, this group is like my second family and I enjoy being with my group. I am proud to be with THE DHOLIZ and not to forget our sifu, Dholi Suki which brought us up to this level and still trying to make us the best. Please do not hesitate to join us if you are interested in playing dhol, I would say this is the right place for you to learn to play dhol. Yes, we are a new but we are rising from the ground like a skyscarper. Cheers!


Suki is certainly one of the best players I’ve met. Being under has wing I have certainly improved in clarity and power, very much thanks to Suki. His dhol playing quality is exceptionally good, one could use an average recording and mistake it as a studio played track! I’m definitely going to step on my beat boxing speed and quality to catch up with Suki! ;)



From the begining, i realy use to admire the other dholis out there who use to play dhol n i always wanted to have a dhol since i was a kid because i was realy interested to play it. Seeing my interest in this line, my parents got me a dhol from India and immediately after that i started my classes with Dholi Suki.

After playing d dhol for 9 months, im realy shocked and amazed with the various type of beats that im playing. I would realy like to thank my master n The Dholiz for guiding me. I feel very happy and satisfied whenever i play the dhol and my ultimate dream is to be like Rani Taj…..Open-mouth smile



I had no knowledge on playing dhol for a couple of years before and now by joining the dhol class which is held by sukvinder singh,I have learned the beats which i didin’t now how to play it before i joined the dhol class :)



Growing-up with only boys, I use to take-up what they did. So when my brothers got interested in dhol,
I decided to give it a go as well. At first, I didn’t even know what a dhagga was. But now I am happy to
say that I have learned quite a few different beats. I enjoy playing and learning the dhol with Master
Sukvinder and hope to keep improving as well as having fun with it.



I have been playing the dhol for about a year now and I have loved every single class.
I had been learning tabla, waja, drum, guitar and a little beatboxing before I started playing dhol.
however dhol has been the most fun class and also the most tiring class of all. Since I was born I have
been musically inclined and have this urge to hit something to make different sounds. This urge is eased
when I play the dhol. My master, Sukvinder, has helped me to purify and clarify my sound and also helped
me hike up my stamina. His teaching methods are different and more fun than others. He is systematic,
patient and most importantly an awesome motivator… a wonderful friend who is ever willing to share and
guide. The beats of the dhol are like the beats of my heart. You will never know how your heart skips a
beat till you play the dhol!!!!



Before joining this Dhol Class, I had 4 years of experience with Tabla, so when I started the class I had
already known a few basic beats as some of the beats in Tabla and Dhol are more or less the same. Joining
this class has helped my stamina grow to a much higher point than before. To be honest, at first I had no
interest whatsoever to learn Dhol, but my parents told me to try it out and guess what? I enjoyed it! I find
the more new beats I learn, the more I get into playing. Playing Dhol is also a really good way to release a
day’s stress in a fun manor. I used to feel that classical instruments were boring, but learning Dhol has turned
my perspective around. =D



For some time before I started playing the dhol, I’d wanted to learn how to play, but, there was never any time as
the classes were all really far away. Then, some time last year, I started classes with my current, and only,
dhol teacher, Master Sukvinder. The classes have been intense and have pushed me to limits I didn’t know I had.
After the first few classes, since I had no prior experience with the dhol, I was aching all over, especially my
arms, and my neck where I supported the strap of the dhol. As time went on, though, and with master Sukvinder’s
coaching, the pain subsided, and I was able to concentrate on the sound and style of my dhol playing.
Even now, when I hear the dhol, my heart beats faster, and I have the urge to join in with whoever is playing.

Learning how to play the dhol has helped me in other aspects as well. For example, I have been playing tabla for
about seven years now, and I’m quite confident with my tabla playing. As they say, though, “There’s always room
for improvement”. Playing the dhol instilled a deeper sense of rhythm in me, where I was able to incorporate that
into my tabla playing as well, and it has helped me a lot. Other than tabla, I’m also a competitive beatboxer.
To form a sense of uniqueness to my style of beatboxing, I’ve used dhol beats, and brought them over to use in
beatboxing. That idea, was a suggestion by master Sukvinder, and it has granted me quite some style in my

All in all, I’d like to thank master Sukvinder for his dedication to the classes, and his attitude of always
striving for better. I’d never have learned to play the dhol if it wasn’t for him.
Dhol, is an art form, a rhythm that takes place in one’s life, and changes one’s outlook on it.

3 Responses

  1. Read Through All The Wonderful Comments Of All DholiZ Students.
    Well , I First Met Suki in the 2011 if I am not mistaken Where we both participated in the
    First Ever National Dhol Competition a.k.a Dhol Di Lalkaar. To Cut The Story Short ,
    If Those Who Were there during that time ( Taking note that I have been playing Dhol now for 11 years ) ,
    I My Self Had Goosebumps seeing Suki playing , The Clarity of his beats ,
    the way he pleases and interact with the crowd , the way he dances with the Dhol.
    He’s just an amazing dhol player.

    Well , Its been almost 2 years since I last saw him , But One Thing is for sure ,
    Who ever is learning under him , one day when you all become the next Gen-Dholi’s ,
    Never Forget this wonderful Man , Suki Phaji. A Great Dholi And Also A Fantastic Teacher :)

    From A Fellow Buddy & Dholi,
    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

    Keep Rocking On The Dhol Industry !! xD

  2. Vishallaachy

    Hi. I want to join dhol class, pls let me know the procedure. Tq

  3. dholiz_admin

    Pls whatsapp/call 0162073027 for info.

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